During these unprecedented times we are still here and open to take care of any of your communication needs.

We are providing a comprehensive remote captioning service. If you are not familiar with working remotely we are happy to provide a free test run so please do get in touch.


The Experts in Onsite and Online Captioning Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Palantypists and Stenographers we use are experienced NRCPD or equivalently qualified Speech to Text Reporters.


Who are we?

We are The Experts in Onsite and Online Captioning Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Palantypists and Stenographers we use are experienced NRCPD or equivalently qualified Speech to Text Reporters. They type verbatim on a specially designed keyboard; the software turns the spoken word into the written word and is displayed on a laptop.

Our service is discreet and straight forward. It allows an employer to talent manage more effectively. The deaf individual using the service is able to reach their potential and exceed further in their careers. Using our Speech to Text Reporters also ensures compliance to accessibility law.

About Lisa

Elisabetta (Lisa) Cordaro is a seasoned professional with over 30 years’ experience in Speech to Text Reporting.

She believes in offering a service you can depend upon and provides a highly skilled, trusted and professional service. This is reflected in her accolades and past history.

Not only was she co-founder of STTRs Direct, she was founder and past Chair of the Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters (AVSTTR) and BIVR Past president-elect in 2003. She is now a NRCPD Trustee.

Her professionalism was recognised when she was short-listed for Communication Professional of the Year Signature Awards 2014.

She became a fully accredited Court Reporter in 1991 with a speed of 250wpm and progressed to being an NRCPD registered Speech To Text Reporter in 1996.

She remains on the NRCPD Register to the present day.


What we do

We enable the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as non-native English speakers and others, equal access to actively participate in discussions by reading the English text displayed on the Speech to Text Reporter’s laptop.

Our Speech to Text Reporters verbatim text is displayed in a scrolling format and can be shown on larger screens or monitors, where suitable, for a larger number of readers.

Our Speech-to-Text Reporters can work on a one-to-one basis for an individual in many different situations, for example at a work meeting or a medical appointment. The person will have the Speech to Text Reporter’s laptop close to them and will read the scrolling text.

Our Speech to Text Reporters may also be used at conferences and public debates. Their live verbatim text would be projected to a large screen or screens so that the whole audience can see it.

Using our online service opens a world of possibilities in both a business and personal capacity.

Meetings can take place anywhere on any kind of device with an internet connection – a mobile, tablet, laptop computer, monitor or large screen.

Even if you are abroad or in the UK and require short notice access to an important call or meeting using our system enables your impromptu last minute conference calls to happen.

We are flexible and can tailor our services to your needs.

Our Speech to Text Reporters listen in to a meeting over a phone link/teleconference or Skype and by using secure screen share software someone in a different location can view the text produced on their own device.

Our service is economical and because there is no travel involved there is far more availability and flexibility.

The system has been used in teleconferences, meetings, conferences and post show theatre discussions.

Some of our clients…

Client Testimonials

“I have been fortunate to have Lisa working for me as a key member of my support team for over 10 years, in a wide variety setting and with a wide cross section of clients and user groups. Lisa is both adaptable and flexible, always well prepared and ready to adjust to the changing requirements of any given situation. She is adept at picking up new terminology and ‘jargon’ and takes time to appraise relevant meeting papers in preparation for each assignment.
Her transcripts are clear, accurate and easy to follow and when requested notes are provided promptly after each assignment. She has been of great assistance in providing the necessary support to fulfill my varied and often complex diary commitments around the country. Lisa is always extremely well presented, punctual and willing to brief inexperienced clients or colleagues should the need arise. I would highly recommend Lisa as being professional, personable and easy to work with.”
Carol, Training Consultant and Volunteering Specialist 

“Stellarcomms have provided me with palantypist support over the last few years. The administrative side runs smoothly with prompt responses to my requests for bookings. Palantypists are always on time and professional in meetings.”

John, Swire and Sons  

I have enjoyed exceptional STTR coverage both online and face to face in a range of public and private settings – meetings, conferences and online calls. Lisa and her team provide a very reliable, accurate and professional service.

They are a pleasure to work with.
Caroline, Creative Director, Squirrel Nation Limited

We are extremely grateful for the efficient and helpful service you and Lisa provide. We regularly send last minute requests and it’s never a problem in you sourcing cover. Myself and Myah also find it really helpful you checking in on a weekly basis to see if we need to make any new bookings and appreciate your prompt responses to emails, and for keeping us updated, whilst you are looking into cover.
Emily, Civil Practice Assistant, Doughty Street Chambers

For anyone in need of a Speech to Text Reporter, I could not rate the services of Lisa Cordaro highly enough. Her speed and accuracy of transcription, patience when dealing with audio/connection issues and overall professionalism is outstanding. Although all other STTRs that I have had support from have been of a very high quality
Lisa’s transcription is better, more accurate and more responsive. Furthermore, she has helped organise other STTRs to cover times when she is not available, and has taken care of the subcontracting with minimal fuss – a huge support when dealing with the complexities of booking the support can be challenging. At any point when I have had to alter or cancel a meeting, or book an ad-hoc session for Lisa to transcribe, she has done her absolute best to support this and it has led to significant improvements in my own performance and ability to handle meetings where, without Lisa’s support,
I would struggle to follow my colleague’s conversations. Lisa provides a five star service from a five star STTR – I could not rate her highly enough.
Mark, Assistant Headteacher, Whitmore High School
I’ve worked with Lisa and her team for nearly two years now. They have been absolutely fantastic to work with, right from the initial booking to dealing with transcripts including answering queries quickly and dealing with invoices. It is clear that Lisa cares about her work and her clients and that she applies a very high standard across the board.
As a client I find this extremely reassuring because I know that I can get on with my work and that Lisa will make the STT side of things as easy for me as possible. 
Marisa, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers 


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